Cano run support for Big Nate!

I promise, no more puns. Cano more. Ha!
Last season, we Tiger fans used to hold our breath and cringe when Nate Robertson took the mound, because we knew he’d pitch an amazing game. Why is that a problem, you ask? Because he was cursed. The curse of the run support. Everytime he went out there, he got no Tiger offense. I saw hints if that again today, and it got me thinking. Now, we all know this team isn’t playing like they didn’t last year. We know they’re playing much better. I think the bottom line today was that they were playing a solid Yankee team led by Mike Mussina, a guy who’s been pretty much unhittable for many years. I know the curse isn’t back, but it was a little scary for a minute there. We still love you Big Nate.

My impulsive self bought a ticket for tomorrow night’s game, the final one with the Yankees. Nobody wants to bring out the broom, so I know it’s going to be a good game. Especially with Verlander pitching. Expect good pictures, I’m in the second row behind home plate.


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