The play was ruled “defensive indifference”

Folks, it’s been ages.  Tonight represents the pinnacle of my career as a Tiger fan…the World Series.  Let me explain.  I woke up this morning (or rather, 3:30 this afternoon because I worked the midnight shift) to find an interesting surprise: an opportunity to go to the World Series, for free.  How, you ask?  It’s a secret.  So I piled on every piece of clothing I owned and took off for the ballpark, not even taking a spare moment to think about where I was actually going. 

It was magical….or should i say…"maggical?"

For whatever reason, it didn’t hit me until Sparky Anderson took the mound to throw out the first pitch.  It triggered something.  It made me think of all the times I spent in the upper deck in right field at Tiger Stadium, yelling at Bobby Higginson.  One time he actually turned around and waved.  Remember the hilarious couch they had up there?  I always wanted to sit in it and be the "couch potato."  I remember being terrified to see a Tiger hit a home run because it meant hearing that insane siren go off, the one that made the seats shake.  I thought about all the baseball card shows my dad used to take me to, where I’d use my allowance to buy all the Travis Fryman cards I could find.  I still have all of them, pages and pages worth.  Growing up, all my free time was spent with baseball.  I think I cried for a month when I found out they 1994 season would be halted, and I cried for even longer when Travis was traded to the Indians in 1998.  I think I’m still crying about that one.

Fast forward to tonight, a hundred losing seasons later, and I was there.  It was like the completion of the world’s most important journey…a reward for a successful mission through the darkest of times.  I emerged without a scratch.

Now, I know all of this may sound a little lame and a tad bit dramatic, but if you’ve been a Tiger fan as long as I have then you understand completely.  This entire year has been nothing short of surreal.

Since you’ve read on this far, I’d like to tell you a story.  Not only does this story prove that the Tigers will win the World Series, but it shows the kind of heart this team has.  This is a story about one of our own…he’s been through alot in his career, mostly moments of discouragement and a few cases of bad timing…but he still hasn’t given up.  He was with a team that didn’t believe in him and failed to give him the attention he deserved.  As a result, his talent was wasted with many stints in the minor leagues.  When he made his major league debut against the St. Louis Cardinals at their ballpark, and he struck out on three straight fastballs.  Quite a few years later, he has the opportunity to go back, and he is dying for a second chance.  When I asked him who he’d rather play, Cardinals or Mets, he said that he really didn’t care, but he would love to go to St. Louis and show them what he can do.  It’s been something that he’s been thinking about since he made his debut.  I think that just shows that for these guys, it’s not just about money and prestige.  They got to this point because they’re talented, they show alot of heart, and they genuinely want to succeed.

Before I end this installment, I’d like to send a special shoutout to Yadier Molina, who took one for the team today: Wsg2game040


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