It’s only Wright

A quick recap:-Kenny Rogers is making a start tonight in Toledo as part of his rehabilitation. I have no idea how it will play out when he returns because The Durbinator has been doing a heck of a job.
-Joel Zumaya is warming the bench and may not be back until next season. I’m sure gonna miss seeing those hardcore tattoos.
-Rodney is definitely earning that cool million. NOT.
-Brandon Inge may break my 7th grade CYO softball record for strikeouts in a single season.
-Bobby Seay is still the man. Justin Verlander, however, is not.
-I bet on the Indians to go to the World Series and I’m sticking to it.

On Friday at the game against the Mets, I caught a moment on film. Here it is:


One comment


    as i fan i hope the tigers make it to the playoffs and the yankees too! just so i can watch the tigers whip the YANKEES SPOILED BUTTS ALL OVER THAT FIELD!! AGAIN!!!!!!!

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