The Debate

Carlos Gomez-“I could outrun you any day. Bet.”


Serious, for once

Hey everyone-

I would just like to ask you all to keep Brian Bluhm in your thoughts and prayers.  He was a student at Virginia Tech who was taken away from us far too soon.  He was a true Tiger fan and a kind soul and he will be missed.

I’m always right, sometimes

As I accurately predicted, the Tigers lost on opening day. I hope you all don’t throw things at me when I say this, but I’ve always been a Blue Jays fan. Not as much as Detroit, but close. I’m always conflicted when they play each other. I think the Jays have a great team this year. They got rid of Ted Lilly and gained Frank Thomas. BJ Ryan seems to be healthy. Gregg Zaun calls a great game, so losing Benji Molina isn’t really a loss at all. They also got that old guy, Royce Clayton. Just kidding! Overall, their lineup is killer. Especially with Vernon Wells. I could go on, but the point is that they are going to give New York and Boston a run for their money in the Eastern division. I hope they win it!

My prediction for the season is that the World Series will be played between the Indians and Dodgers. I also predicted the Indians in ’05, and I was dead wrong. I have no idea who this year’s Tigers will be. Maybe the Jays!